Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara

I wanted a TV show, but a blog is almost as good.

About Kelly

Kelly Dunleavy O’Mara is a writer and reporter living in Marin County, with an expertise in endurance sports, business, travel, brownies, and science-fiction. One of those doesn’t come in handy.

She was born in Kentucky, spent her childhood in Florida, grew up in Chicago, and now lives across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. That makes her pretty multi-cultural.

One day, Kelly hopes to be a less positive version of Oprah. Most recently, she was the editor of San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch, covering San Anselmo and Fairfax (duh), and before that she was the editor of a paper that covered the same area. Right now, she writes for magazines, websites, and newspapers. She also helps produce and hosts a weekly TV show, appears on radio and TV to speak on a range of topics, and coaches running and swimming.

Kelly used to race as a professional triathlete. Now, she just races when she feels like training for a race — and sometimes she races even when she didn’t feel like training.

You can read her blog about running and sports, It’s Always Sunny Running,  to actually get to know her and stuff. She also has another blog about more general stuff, but almost never does anything with it: Almost as Good as a TV Show. And, this is when she’s done talking in the third-person — right now.

11 thoughts on “About Kelly

  1. i believe you left out glenview… a fairly important part of your life :-) and VERY different from chicago

    • yeah, but “then we moved to chicago, then we moved to another place in chicago, then we moved to the suburbs” doesn’t really mesh well with my narrative. gosh.

      • yeah. The list of the seventeen places we moved before you were in 7th grade sort of slows down the story. But Maggie is right that Glenview is WAY different from Chicago.

  2. So excited to see a fellow Marin resident in the Awl. Congratulations & we should meet! I love building the artist/writer network here in Marin. We have to stick together.

  3. Great article on Bay Area bakeries! Can you do a follow-up article on GF bread?

  4. I hope your the writer for the travel story for yahoo on the best casino in america that is not vagas. : I can not get that downloaded to my computer and i am interested in what you have written any way i can read that, try troopingshooting yahoo. might as well be on the moon. no luck. best to you. melody/ gamegal5

  5. Hey if you are the same Kelly O’Mara that did the story on lakes, the picture of Lake Tuapo is actually Lake Pukaki. just thought you should know.

  6. Hi I hope you could help me out on a research I’m making about compression hosiery. please email me at I am a student from the Philippines and I’m looking for experts from the US. Thanks!

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