Ready to head back to work?

Did you know the Simpsons has been on almost my entire life. And there’s a reason it’s still on, because it’s fantastic.

No, I don’t watch it that much anymore, but not because I think I’m too cool or because I’m going to say something lame like “Oh, it used to be good.” [I think internet message boards used to be a lot funnier 10 years ago.] The fact is that it’s managed to stay stunningly relevant and particularly timely for a show that has to be drawn. And (because of the twisted morals that are somehow legally enforced on the American public through the FCC) things that should be allowed in live action TV aren’t, but they are on the Simpsons. Which means besides being funny and reliably a good watch, like a home you can return to at any time, it’s been revolutionary in terms of truly reaching out to the entire American public with a variety of ideas, which at their base (despite whatever the veneer looks like) stem back to: we’re all kind of the same. And I don’t think that’s bad.

Yes, I am watching the 20th Anniversary special right now:

“It’s just hard not to listen to TV. It spent so much more time than you raising us.”

On that note, I was watching Jersey Shore before and I know the whole Snooki (Snooki is a girl, mom, on the show) getting punched thing is old news. But, I’d like to register a complaint.

Lots of drunken fights happen on MTV. Girls punch girls. Actually, usually girls slap and pull other girls’ hair. Guys punch other guys. Girls punch guys. Generally, that is the point of MTV shows. People get drunk, they invade one another’s personal space, and it ends poorly.

Yet, all that was completely acceptable television, until this girl gets drunk, get in an argument and gets punched by a guy, and then it’s a national controversy. (No, really, mom, it was a controversy. It was on the news.) MTV eventually pulled the clip of her getting punched — don’t worry, you can still watch it on YouTube — and they ran a Domestic Violence helpline segment at the end of the show.

This was NOT Domestic Violence. To infer that someone getting in a drunk fight with a complete stranger at a bar is an incident of domestic violence belittles victims of domestic violence, who are genuinely suffering.

It is wrong to punch someone because it is wrong to punch someone, not because that person is a female. There are so many problems with the idea that a guy hitting a girl is particularly fucked up, that I don’t think I need to enumerate them.

On a side note, if someone you just met tells you that 20 years ago she was at a friend’s and woke up to find some guy on her, that’s weird right? I know I lack personal boundaries, but still.

3 thoughts on “Ready to head back to work?

  1. I haven’t seen any Simpsons in a while but I’m glad to hear it’s still relevant and well done. I have been watching Jersey Shore though, and like you, I didn’t think Snookie getting punched by a guy was worth all the fuss. Or much fuss at all, really. I’m bored by it all. I’d rather see The Situation try to hit on girls and all the other trashy crap that happens.

    Having said that, there is still a considerable difference, in my mind at least, between same gender punches, and a guy punching a girl. The guy is considered shameful and cowardly, and rightfully so in most cases.

    1. it’s not rightly so; that’s dumb and leads to ill-conceived fights and misconceptions. plenty of women abuse and take advantage of guys, but it’s massively downplayed and even joked about because of ideas like that.

      someone beating on someone who’s a lot weaker or smaller is fucked up, sure.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA I am sorry but I hadn’t seen that and I think it might be the highlight of my morning. She deserved it. Sorry, I am not a proponent of fighting at all but the way she was talking to that guy man she had it coming. Not saying it is right or wrong, sometimes people need to know that it is NOT ok to treat others a certain way. Too bad it probably wasn’t too much of a snap to reality for her like it would be for others.

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