In which comical and terrible things happen

Sachini wanted to guest post, but she’s in Mississippi and who even knows if they have internet there, so instead she wanted me to guest post as her. Here is her terrible and comical story.

PS. This is a picture of Sachini.

I’m getting my Masters in Public Health at Harvard because I am super smart. As part of being super smart, I’m working with the Center for Disease Control over the winter break (because just eating a lot and watching TV is too boring) on a program evaluation for different state’s lead poisoning prevention programs. As part of the program, after I was trained, I have to go where I’m assigned with a CDC team. I was assigned to Mississippi. Fun.

Now, apparently in Mississippi it doesn’t get below freezing often, like ever. But it did on Sunday.

Which meant that all sorts of water lines burst all over Jackson (which is a town in Mississippi). The town is pretty much shut down now. There is no drinking water. And everything we were supposed to do is cancelled.

But the CDC won’t let us fly home in the off chance that things open and actually have, you know, running water before the end of the week.

So, I’m doing an evaluation of a program that I spent four hours at (before the water stopped) from a hotel in Jackson, where I feel gross taking showers in water that is unsafe to drink.

Because I am super smart.

On a side note, I know you people; now that I can actually see statistics for when people read here I’ve come to realize you all only want one thing: terrible yet humorous things to happen to me. Well.

On a side, side note: update your damn google readers and links and stuff. I really am going to lose my old website soon, so.

3 thoughts on “In which comical and terrible things happen

  1. Poor Sachini! What a waste of a week. She should go out and take in the “local culture” while she’s there. I’m sure all the locals would be super happy to explain things to a college girl from up East.

  2. I didn’t go to Harvard because I realized I could just hire people like Sachini if I just stayed on and got that super important management experience. It’s way more fun to send people places you want to go. Now who is super smart. All snide comments aside, keep her and let us know what she’s up to. I’m sure she has more to contribute than some girl who pays to go sledding.

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