When were its better days?

So our car — which isn’t really “our” car, but is actually Steve’s car that every now and then he lets me drive, but not until he first gives me a hard time and checks to make sure there is no other way I could possibly get where I need to go — is on its final legs.

It let us know this the other night when Steve turned it on and it started shaking violently. Then it refused to turn back on. It was insisting that it had no gas, which we all thought was crazy, but we walked over to the gas station and bought a gas container thingy and walked back. And for the first time ever managed to pour the gas into the tank and not on ourselves (see previous time when ran out of gas and police pushed the car down the street; see also time when we thought we ran out of gas at midnight in the Walgreens parking lot but actually the car was just broken).

It turns out the car really had 2.5 gallons of gas still in the tank. It’s just such a stupid car that it didn’t know that. This has been a problem for a while, because somehow the fuel pump something-something doesn’t reach to the gas something-something, so if you let the gas level get below 100 miles to go, then the car stalls out. It particularly stalls when you are entering a freeway and trying to speed up or when you are on an incline. For a while it would shake violently too. The mechanic fixed the shaking, but not the other stuff.

One time when I was parked on an incline all the coolant drained out of the car, too. (It’s good we don’t live in a hilly area.) Then, it turned out the coolant tank was leaking, so we got that fixed, but the coolant light still comes on all the time, so you can just ignore that. Except sometimes you shouldn’t ignore it, because all the coolant really did drain out.

The fancy Volvo service light comes on all the time too, but that one you really can ignore, because otherwise you have to get it hooked up to a big computer machine and then the mechanic tells you that the mass air flow meter needs to be replaced, but it ALWAYS says that the mass air flow meter needs to be replaced and we already replaced it, so ignore that.

The your-brake-light-is-broken light comes on when you press the brake too, but that’s cause the brake light actually is broken.

Steve’s going to say that I hate on the car too much, so in all fairness to the car let me say that it is amazing the car’s radio still works even though the antenna got broken off because somebody went through a car wash with it out.

Also, it is a very sturdy car. I never expected that duct and masking tape would hold up in place of a bumper-strip for so long.

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