Sort of like biking…

I was supposed to bike down the coast with Rosy and Erin this weekend, but Erin bailed. “I’m not in shape, blah, blah.” Which gave me and Rosy a good excuse to also bail. Because, shit, you want to see “not in shape”: I biked less last month than we were scheduled to in one day this weekend.

So. Instead of confronting that particular issue, by I dunno biking more, I’m going to LA to visit my high school best friend.

Which, obviously, will make me a faster triathlete.

This is a picture of me and Steve during our ride around Oahu and right before the directions to get back to our hotel and our IDs flew out of my hand and we had to chase around in bike shoes through the Asian tourists taking pictures. It was also the last serious-ish riding I did.

I realized after I totalled 135 bike miles last month that I need to bike more, like a lot more. I also need to swim more, since I’ve only been putting in like 7,000y/week. I need to like double or triple my swimming. But, shit, my running’s finally been coming along and I’ve been able to run further than before, so I definitely need to keep up my running. But strength work and pilates has been helping me stay healthy and do all that running, so I definitely need to do more strength work, since I always forget it.

So basically, I need to swim, bike, run, and lift more. Problem solved.

6 thoughts on “Sort of like biking…

  1. Now I don’t feel so bad. I actually rode more than that but I haven’t swam since exiting into T1 at Timberman August 23rd. I’m pretty sure my swimming hasn’t gotten worse.

  2. BZ, I didn’t say it was because “I’m out of shape,” it was because of the snowshoe race this weekend! JEEEEEEZ, you’re tough.

    1. no, you said you didn’t to bike THIS weekend because of a snowshoe race. you didn’t want to bike LAST weekend because ‘blah blah i’m out of shape’. basically, you hate me.

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