Rain, rain go away

So, it’s been raining a little bit here. And before all the Chicago people start on about ‘California wimps’ and ‘Californians don’t know how to drive’ and ‘You want to see shitty weather, I’ll show you shitty weather,’ let me clarify:

It’s been full on storming, tornados in LA, crazy winds, lighting knocking over trees, everyone watching the creek to see if it’s going to flood the town again, raining. This is not some pansy-ass, mid-summer, warm drizzle of a rain.

(This picture is of the creek that everyone is watching, so it doesn’t end up looking like the other picture below — from aught-five, because obviously if you watch it that’ll stop it from flooding.)

While I was waiting to see if the creek would flood or not the other night, I went for a run. In the storm. Stunningly, it didn’t go well.

I decided I would try and narrow in on my half-marathon pace, since I’m supposed to do a half-marathon in two weeks and I have some goals but no training to back up those goals. I thought I would run some miles on the track at half-marathon pace. In the 30 mph winds. And the rain.

Also, because I like a challenge, I decided to eat three Clif Bars about 30 minutes before starting. While I thought this would be better than eating a meal 30 minutes before starting, it wasn’t much better. Also, I only meant to eat one, but I couldn’t stop. It turns out 800 calories of chocolate-chip bar don’t sit well when you’re running repeat miles.

First, I went way, way too fast. Then, I wanted to throw up. Then the wind knocked me over and I was running way too hard and going backwards. Then, I thought I would really throw up. Then, I slowed down, a lot.

Today, I decided to go for an hour ride before heading to work, because I thought ‘well, it’s only raining a little.’

When I got home, I couldn’t get my keys out of my back pocket, because my hands were so frozen. Steve wasn’t home, so I had to slowly take off my top layer so I could get my keys out of the pocket enough to open the lock. Also, I’m not sure my phone works anymore.

It’s days like these that the only good thing you have to say is at least when it gets bad in a race, it’s a dark place I’ll have been to before.

3 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away

  1. 3 freaking clif bars? I don’t think I have ever eaten that many on a 4 hour ride! I think a baseline for a half marathon pace is like 20-30 secs off your 10k pace. I’m sadly like 6:50 @ 10k pace and about 7:20 open half marathon pace. Hope that helps. What creek is this? I wonder if our house on the ocean is left.

    1. yeah, i’ve eaten that many on a ride, but like over the course of 4 hours not in like 4 minutes. don’t do it.

      my basic plan is to just run kinda slower at the beginning and then run faster

  2. I didn’t know you lived in San Anselmo! At least it looks like SA

    Ok girl, slow down. Did you eat ANYTHING else that day? You’re a nut.

    What run are you doing in 2 weeks?

    And maybe you want to try one of those inside trainer things for the bike during these wacky storms we’re having. I worry.

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