Crazy. Crazy. Weekend.

OK, #1 will you people stop going to my old website. As soon as I have time I’m going to delete it.

Of course, I haven’t had time or energy to do that yet. I barely have the energy to type right now.

Yesterday, I did the Hour Swim. Which is pretty much what it sounds like. Only, apparently, I wasn’t originally supposed to do it yesterday. I was supposed to do it with Katie. And she said we were going to do it on Saturday. So, I planned to lead a super-long bike ride with my team on Sunday and made hella plans. Then I showed up on Saturday and oh no! Katie and I were really signed up to do it on Sunday!

I ended up making Steve come and be my timer. Which is also pretty much what it sounds like. He timed my laps, except he only timed them to the second and when I went to turn my form in they wanted the times to the hundreth of a second. So. I made that part up.

I gave Steve my pace sheet, which had the goal of 4,000 yards and I told him that was wildly optimistic. I was like, ‘Look, I haven’t swum this much in like a month. Once I start to suck, there’s no need to yell at me and tell me to go faster. I’ll know that I suck.’ Last year, when I was in way better swim shape, my goal was also 4,000y and I didn’t even hit 3,800y in an hour and I couldn’t pick my arms up after. When they blew the whistle last year I just grabbed on to the wall and shuffled along back to the shallow end.

So, I wasn’t particularly hopeful.

But it turned out that at heart I am an endurance athlete, and I stayed exactly, exactly on pace for the whole hour. It started to hurt about 15 minutes in, but then it didn’t really hurt anymore than that. As long as I felt like I kept swimming stronger, then I stayed the same speed.

4,035 yards! I am not terrible!

Then, I drove down to the South Bay to meet Rosy for a run. When Rosy says the run is kind of hilly, you really ought to ask how hilly. After running uphill for about 20 minutes, I was like ‘How much further is it up?’ and she said, ‘In like 10 minutes, we’ll reach an intersection and we could keep going uphill there for another 30 minutes.’ All this in ankle-deep mud, jumping over rocks, while the rain created streams down the middle of the trail. I picked the other fork of the intersection — the one that didn’t keep going up.

When I got home, I went to bed. I’ve had a sore throat for a couple days and I was worried I was on the verge of getting sick and agh I hate being sick and AGH I was sick two weeks ago and OH NO I know I need my energy for today!

Today, the crazy weekend wasn’t quite over yet.

I met Rosy and Dorette for a long ride this morning, hoping it wouldn’t start raining until we were close to home. Rosy, I guess, was really hoping it wouldn’t start raining, because she rolled up in capri tights, no covers or booties to protect her feet, and no jacket for the rain.

We got all the way up the headlands and down to Stinson Beach with no rain. We can do it! We were planning on riding all the way up the coast, past Marshall. (In retrospect, this probably would have taken about 7-8 hours.) Then it started drizzling. It’s ok, we can do it! Then it started pouring and dumping buckets. We were riding up and down these rollers, biking through a pool, could barely see through the rain and it was all just kind of funny.

Rosy and I opted for the shortest route back home. It was still rough. And it still took 4:25 and it was still 59 miles. And I still had to stand in the burning hot shower for awhile. So, I don’t know how the full, original plan would have worked out.

My mom was giving me a hard time about doing all this crazy training shit. Mom, when you get to a race, it’s not like everyone’s going to be like ‘oh, it was raining when you were supposed to ride? well, go ahead and take a head start, then.’

7 thoughts on “Crazy. Crazy. Weekend.

  1. well you just keep swimming for an hour until they blow the whistle. then you stop. and your counter/timer person guesstimes about how many yards the last bit was. since i had swum an extra lap + about 10 yards more when the whistle was blown, i ended up with an extra 35 yards

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