Back to the grind

Yesterday, I went to Sacramento for work (of the paying variety) and listened to people talk about the state of the state and the budget and what we need to do to reform California. [In short, change the 2/3 vote requirement to pass a budget to a simple majority; reform if not massively cut back on the proposition system; redistrict; repeal term limits. There, problem solved.]

Then, I ate a brownie and came home late.

Which meant that I had to get up early yesterday (for me) and head to the gym. I was doing this jump-roping, box-hopping, kettleball swinging circuit and dripping sweat and this 45-year-old guy gives me the ‘hey, are you here every Wednesday?’ and ‘we should work out together.’


Then, this morning, after my run, I was standing by my car bent over stretching. Which meant that a group of mountain bikers who came up behind me got a pretty good look at my ass. I wouldn’t have noticed or cared, but one of them dinged his bell at me a few times. Which again, I wouldn’t have noticed really or cared (who pays attention to middle-aged mountain bikers), but they weren’t 10 feet past me when the other guy turned to the guy who rang the bell and said, ‘oh, so is that what the bell is for?’ and he said, ‘well, it certainly caught my eye.’

Do you think I can’t hear you? Or that I’m too stupid to know you’re talking about me, sorry, about “it”? Or, do you just not care? Do you think somehow I deserve comments being made about me, because I’m wearing running shorts and stretching?

And these weren’t sketchy teenagers hanging out of a window. They were rich, middle-aged guys in Ross (where Sean Penn lives). What if I stood up and was like a friend of their daughters or their babysitter? I know I look pretty young, so how is that appropriate or a good choice?

Steve says there are a lot of other bigger injustices in the world to be pissed off about, which is true I guess, but this is one where no one loses if you stop being a dick. It’s not like we have to raise taxes to remedy this situation. Ugh.

It totally almost ruined my morning.

Because, the morning was awesome. There are times running in the morning, when the sun’s coming up over the hills and the fog is rolling off the lake through the trees, when it is totally worth it. Even if your calves are cramping and your legs feel like rubber bands, you wouldn’t get to be the only person out on this trail, above the lakes, if you couldn’t run that far.

I don’t carry a camera while I run, so here is a picture I took of the fog at the bridge. Appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “Back to the grind

    1. that’s a dumb thing to say. whether or not at some point in my life i “appreciate” being objectified and made to be the subject of ridicule, doesn’t make it ok. and the day in and day out little comments accumulate to a point that does little to further gender divisions or misunderstandings.

  1. I’m with you Kelly – we have to come up with a snappy comeback for these moment. Well, you do. They don’t happen to me 🙂

    Would you email me the races your thinking of doing this year? I want to sign up for 6 things and would love to know someone else – even if she is at the front of the pack and I’m at the back 🙂

    1. eh, they happen if you wear like fancy workout clothes, which are inevitably small and tight. but, shit, think how much it must happen to girls who are like very well-endowed, etc. no wonder, many people eventually accumulate a dislike of the opposite sex, rife with poor relations. that shit, if it happened all the time, would fuck up your head.

      i cant’ decide. definitely trical races, probably a bunch of other local things. really don’t want to do any ironman coporation stuff. ugh.

  2. Just found your blog from Courtneay. Sounds like you have a big year ahead of you! Congrats on the pro slot. Maybe we’ll bump into each other somewhere! Take care and keep it up chica…your blog is hilarious.. I’m in.

      1. No, he didn’t have a heart attack. But the creepy middle-agers wouldn’t know that.

        I made the mistake of smiling and saying good morning to some guy this morning – just in that “be polite, speak to people who look you in the eye” kind of way (remember – I was raised in the South) and he kept coming over while I was on the treadmill to ask me how far I’d gotten and how was I feeling? Dude. I wasn’t flirting. It was human being level “hello”. Pissed me off.

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