I decided I finally should settle on a race schedule for the year. Eh. Why get ahead of myself.

The problem was this: the World Triathlon Corporation (Ironman-branded races) is charging a $750 “elite registration anti-doping” fee or some such nonsense. Now, everyone [on slowtwitch] is saying the $750 + processing fee is ok, because then you get free race entry to all WTC races, and you can get your money’s worth by doing a ton of their races. But, besides the fact that this kind of fee has a ton of problems, further dividing the have’s from the have-not’s (which triathlon already does so well) when the very top in the sport will probably have their registration fees paid for them and will earn back their money but the other 95% can’t afford to get to the starting line in the first place, I’m pretty sure this market-grab-disguised-as-a-anti-doping-move is technically illegal anyway. Let’s just go ahead and call it bundling.


Anyway, I would not be on the winning end of that equation, because I only wanted to do Vineman. But then if I paid the $750, I should go ahead and other WTC races, since they’re free, except for the flying and hotel and bike shipping, etc, so not really free.

And anyways, I’m sure I’ll do a WTC race at some point, but I don’t know if I’m ready to support that kind of exploitation yet. I’d rather support TriCal, even if they’re not my favoritest people ever. You know what triathlon needs? Unionization. Hmm….

So. I picked other races. Not WTC ones. And none out of the state.

Windman April 11

Vineman Showdown at Sunset April 17

Escape from Alcatraz May 2

Silicon Valley Pro Challenge June 13

San Francisco Triathlon July 10

Barb’s Race July 31

San Francisco Alcatraz Aug. 29

Pacific Grove Sept. 11

Santa Cruz Sept. 26

Scott Tinley’s Oct. 2

and maybe Marin County and Folsom …

If I make it that far.

I’ve been feeling super strong (exhausted, but strong) and not getting hurt even though I’ve been able to run further than ever before. But then Wednesday I did something crazy while lifting at the gym — no, I don’t know what — and by the end of the day my back was seizing up. I had giant knots in my back and was having trouble bending over, but went for my 15 mile run on Thursday morning anyway. Obviously, since my back was all seized up, I did something weird while running for two hours — no, I don’t know what — and the rest of the day yesterday and last night the outside of my left knee was hurting; at the IT band insertion point it basically feels pinched and keeps popping and I’m having a hard time walking down stairs. So, last night with the knots in my back and my IT band/knee shooting pain every time I unbent my leg, I slept weird and pinched something in my neck and now can’t turn my head to the left. Steve said ‘well, it’s good you’re right-handed then,’ but you know which side you look over your shoulder when you’re biking to see if there are cars about to kill you? Your left.

So that added to the fun, today, when I decided to bike home from work (with all my stuff in a bag) and didn’t know that it was going to start pouring. I was not prepared for the sudden and torrential downpour. Usually, it takes me 1:05ish to bike home. I did it in 54 minutes today.

One thought on “Triathlon-ing

  1. I’m bumming because I seem to have injured myself walking. How’s that for lame?

    Hey, thanks for sharing your race list – I’m gonna have to spectate most of these race because where your starting (distance wise) is where I’m hoping to end up 🙂

    Take care of yourself!!

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