I’m sitting here watching Independence Day, which came on after The Replacements, and figuring this counts as “recovery.” And I would like to say one thing (which may seem strange to some people, but not to many): I don’t train that much. Not even close to as much as I need to. Definitely not as much as everyone I know.

Eventually, I’ll train more. I’m building up. I sort of know what I’m doing (kind of) and I definitely don’t need people to tell me ‘oh, shit, you should be swimming more,’ which for some reason many people feel like saying. But, I’d just thought I’d throw this out there, because for some reason lots of people think I train a ton or I should be or oh my god since I decided to race pro I should just automatically change everything I do and double my hours. (Because, really, eventually I do need to double my hours. I do like half of what a respectable pro does.)

But, for now, I could really do without all the free advice.

Typically, I don’t really tell people what I do, but once and only once here is what I did this week: 13.5 hours. One rest day; two hard long swims and two short ones = 10,000y; one long 15 mile run (I cancelled the second shorter, tempo run because my knee was bothering me); one trainer session, one easy hour ride and one hard long ride with the boys on my team that involved a lot of climbing = 84 miles; one pilates class and two strength sessions including a long one today that involved something called “the bear”.


After the boys on my team dropped me yesterday, I was riding along Ridgecrest on Mt. Tam, taking pictures, eating food, talking to people, taking my armwarmers off, putting them back on, generally not taking myself too seriously. I was riding pretty hard and the rain had cleared and the fog was breaking and the sun was shining through. All around there was nothing but green hills and mountains — no towns or cars or people to be seen — and down to the left was the beach and the waves. And, it was just fun. That’s all. Not stressing, not super painful, not oh-my-god-I’m-never-going-to-be-fast-enough. Just fun.

7 thoughts on “Fun.

  1. Oh yes Kelly!!! You may not yet realize it….but…. you have found one of the secrets to life, one of the very reasons for living… You are a lucky girl as there are many on the planet that will never feel what you have felt!
    Wow!… that’s sounds pretty good…Anyway, I love you and think you have got this being alive thing down! Enjoy…Do, Be, Have! JC

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