But I get new glasses!

This morning I went to get a new pair of glasses for the first time since high school, since I now have VISION INSURANCE! oooooooh, ahhhhhh.

Somehow, it still ended up costing me $172 . There was the ‘you have really, really bad vision’ fee and the ‘oh you don’t want your lenses to scratch? that’ll be extra’ fee and the ‘it’s the health of your eyes’ fee.

Basically, my vision’s so bad that even though frames and lenses are covered, I have to pay extra money so the glasses aren’t an inch thick.

I picked out a pair that will basically make me look like this:

And all the doctors crowded around me, because I am so awesome that I have some of the worst eyes they’ve ever seen in a 24-year-old. Go me!

It’s even getting worse. My prescription, which was already a really blind 7.5/8, is now an 8.25. How big do these numbers keep going up?

Then, the doctor dilated my pupils. Which, in the 18 years I have had impressively poor vision, has never happened to this degree. Once I left the office, I was completely blinded by the sun. Then, I biked through downtown to the bus, carrying my gym bag, my purse for work, and a box of to-go pizza, without being able to see. I kept going ‘whoa, whoa’ and closing my eyes or putting my one free hand in front of my face to try and see through my fingers, while biking through downtown carrying a small village.

I was the crazy, cracked-out, bag lady.

That was 3 hours ago and I can read now, but I still can’t go outside.

This weekend we had mini-team camp, which meant lots of riding, probably at speeds I would have avoided had the decision been left solely to me. I also may have sort of, kind of hurt my achilles/ankle. In between this, the massive amounts of moving out we have to do, the looking at condos (which we may or may not be able to afford), and the actual work I had to do for work, I curled into a ball and whined.

Because, goddamnit, I am tired.

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