By the way…

OK, so, yes, we’re moving. BY THE WAY.

We’re going to go live in this house:


We’re going to live in that house as soon as we win the Dream House Raffle (that’s the dream house by the way).

Really, we’re going to live at Steve’s parents in San Anselmo. Which is totally as cool. And we’re moving in by next weekend. So, uh, hi.

We have to be out of our place by March 1 and we looked at a few apartments. They seemed fine. But then we started looking at condo prices and they seemed like ‘shit, this could be even cheaper than our rent.’ Which is true, as long as they don’t have an absurd homeowners association fee. So, now, we’re moving into Steve’s parents temporarily while we look at condos and save up money. I want to accumulate a war-chest in order to one day take over the world. Right now I have $850.

My mom says that’s not enough.

4 thoughts on “By the way…

  1. Home (condo) ownership is much better than renting. Although as someone who lives in a condo association, the fees can start out small and rise. It can be a real pain in the ass. And you often have to deal with neighbors that like to tell you that you are not following community rules when they don’t really know what they are talking about and need to mind their own business. Still a good option for someone young and starting out in an expensive area to live.

  2. Move in here! We don’t have condo fees since it’s just the two condos in our beautiful victorian. The place is supposed to auction next week and I think the price is $650k – is that too high? It’s a sweet flat and you’d have the best neighbors and I can try to keep up with you!

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