Almost made it through the weekend

Erin (that’s Erin) and I did the Berkeley Team Time Trial yesterday.

First, it became quickly clear we are not cyclists.

I went to put my race wheels in my bike and realized my bike was adjusted for my other wheels and I couldn’t even get the wheel onto the bike through the brakes. I was standing there going ‘um, hmm’ and this guy in the car next door said he was a bike mechanic (handy, at a bike race) and fixed my bike all up for me.

Then, Erin fell out of her trainer (a stand that makes your bike operate as a stationary bike). In all fairness, she only fell out after I was like ‘oh my god Erin your bike isn’t even in the trainer, you’re tipping sideways’ and then I tried to fix it. Then, she fell out.

Then, we almost missed our start. 45 seconds to spare! Then, the start guy yelled at us because Erin’s number was upside down and because we missed his speech about rules and stuff.

It felt good, though, once we were biking. It burned, but it never went into that ugly place. I actually enjoyed myself. Whoa. Generally, if you remember the scenery, it means you need to go faster. So, I figured I just wasn’t really, really pushing myself.

BUT. We got 3rd and only went 2 1/2 minutes slower than when me and Steve did it two years ago (and Steve is a lot faster than either of us).

AND, when I went home and looked at my data, I actually held power only about 3 watts lower than my ideal, race-perfect, send me into the red, and it felt good. So, that’s encouraging.

And it was fun.

Of course, today, I cut my run halfway through, because my calf/achilles/ankle started hurting. Then, I cut my swim halfway, because I was delirious with visions of pizza and hamburgers and chocolate-chip cookies. [Without fail, whenever I bonk on a workout and even before things really start to go bad I know it’s coming because I being to dream about hamburgers, pizza and chocolate-chip cookies and hamburger-cookies and pizza-hamburgers. Maybe I can make a hamburger out of giant cookie buns. It’s, without a fail, a sign that I need to finish whatever workout I’m in the middle of and get home before the ugly comes.]

I made it to the car, this time, but not quite all the way home. And then it was all, ‘I’m NEVER going to be fast! I suck! I’m so tired. I’ll just go to sleep in the car. I’m so hungry. Are there any leftover scraps of food in the car? I’m too tired to even look. Because I SUCK!’

5 thoughts on “Almost made it through the weekend

  1. nice job on the race Kelly. At TPC were we swam last season they had a bbq pit right next to the pool. Nothing is worse than popping your head out of the water and having some tasty smelling ribs run past your nose.

  2. Okay, your piece about the pizza-hamburgers and hamburger-cookies had me rolling on the floor. I think I’ve had a few of those delusions myself. 😉 Great job in the TT!!!

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