This is a temporary service announcement…

… to say ‘Look, we moved, I don’t even know how to get on the internet here yet. I can’t find my computer charger (though I did find a new pair of pants, not the pants I was actually looking for, but still, an improvement) and things have kind of sucked for about 5 days.’

However much you think moving sucks, I can multiply it by 13, beat that by 100 yards and spit on your definition of how much moving sucks.

I was in the middle of writing (middle = one sentence finished) a truly brilliant defense of ice dancing a week ago, but now it seems kind of passe. And I haven’t had time to finish.

Time is the most important commodity currently. Right now, for example, I am doing three other things. One of them is eating.

4 thoughts on “This is a temporary service announcement…

  1. There is no defense for ice dancing as an Olympic sport. In fact, I think sports where judges are needed to score something aren’t really sports. I still don’t understand how ski jumping has judges for ‘style’ but they do. You’d link 130+ meters is enough.

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