At least that’s over.

So, at least that week is over.

It was really nice outside all weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much. I went on the team ride on Saturday and was annoyed (because I get annoyed in large groups of people) and tired (which may have lead to being annoyed) and couldn’t really eat enough because my lip still sucked (which also may have lead to being tired and annoyed). Generally, I felt like I had been hit in the face….Har-Har.

Then, last night, Steve and I decided to walk to the mall in Terra Linda, which is like 4 or 5 miles driving, but Steve knew a way! There’s a trail! Basically, we just had to walk up the hill behind his parents’ house and down the hill. No problem.

We decided to walk there and see The Blind Side. We almost made it in time, except not really. We made it to the top of the hill by the time the movie was starting. And then, it was unclear what was a trail and what was a riverbed. And it was dark. And then something came out of the bushes and I remembered some article I had read about coyotes attacking more.

Then, we got to the bottom and Steve said go left and I said go right. We went left. It wasn’t right.

Eventually, we got to the mall and, since we missed the movie, we went to Sbarro’s instead. And then caught the bus home.

No problem.

Except this morning I went to go for another bike ride (since I can’t swim or run) and my left ankle (which is why I can’t run) started hurting so sharply that I had to turn around and go back home and lay down.

It may be difficult to compete in a triathlon without swimming or running, and now biking? Which is why I don’t know if I’m going to do the first races on my calendar in four weeks. I don’t want to be a dumbass and limp through the year, so I’m just going to lay back down and wallow instead…

3 thoughts on “At least that’s over.

  1. I share your sentiment. But it seems this week isn’t looking any better… hope your ankle gets better soon! How come you can’t pull in the water?

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