Laughing when you’re down?

So I’ve just been really sad and down the last week, which isn’t funny and isn’t a good story to tell. My luck definitely isn’t as bad as Loren’s (which just keeps getting worse) and I didn’t have to have a spinal tap like Ben for my mystery illness. But I’ve just want to curl up in a ball and break things.

I felt like this:

None of this is particularly good to blog about, so I’ve decided to inject humor through comics.

So. After I got the boot and the tow, things really went downhill.

I figured everything going wrong wasn’t a big deal. Of course, the car would get fixed. Of course, I would get better. Of course. Then, it didn’t get fixed and it didn’t get fixed. Turns out we were going to have to spend a lot of money to have it fixed.

Then the car I was borrowing broke and leaked a four-foot streak of oil down the driveway.

So, no car. And no ability to walk with my foot in the boot. And we live at the top of a hill, just to add to the challenge. And I can’t workout — I tried one day — but I’ll still be ready for my races, right? Right?? And I’m stuck in a house, where I can’t even find all my stuff. And to add to that, all the money I was saving up from not having to pay rent and everything was going to have to be spent on a NEW (USED) CAR! That I DON’T even want!!! So that I could just keep working to make money to pay for the car that I don’t want. AGGGHHHHHhhhhhh….

I just want off the work-watch-buy treadmill.

I felt it was time for a joke.

Today, we got our car back from the mechanic, who had tested the coolant tank by pouring water into it. At least I hope he used water.  He found that the tank was leaking into the cabin, which is fixed now. He did this last Thursday, in theory. You know what we found in the car today. Pools of water in the back and front seat. Because, naturally, you would just leave it there for four days.

But, I’m being positive. See. Because Courtenay told me to (even though she’s totally in San Francisco and not visiting me).

And with that. One last joke:


4 thoughts on “Laughing when you’re down?

  1. I officially am annoyed with Bloglines that didn’t show your last THREE posts until today. Sorry I missed this day – I would have left you a smiley face 🙂 You’re definitely getting more than your fill of unfun stuff just now.

  2. you know, I feel the same way. Just keep thinking “Of course … will improve, get better blah blah.” But then it doesn’t. 😦 We should form a shitty luck club.

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