Another great day.

Yesterday, someone threatened to sue me. For real. Not yelling out a car window, but copying their expensive lawyer on the letter.

I probably shouldn’t say anything about it really. It’s obviously gone above my pay grade at this point, so I’m sure my boss will deal with it. I don’t know protocol when being threatened with legal action, but I know it sort of sucks.

It particularly sucks when it’s totally unexpected and you worked hard to make sure you got things right and 95% of people think you do a really good job.

On the bright side (uh, butterflies, sunshine, smiley face) I’m supposed to get my bike back next week, which I haven’t been able to ride since September. Of course, now I’ve told you that, so it’ll probably be a few more months. I also went for a ride yesterday — on my other bike — and it only sort of, kind of hurt. So. Watch out.

3 thoughts on “Another great day.

  1. Man…you and Loren are having some terribly shitty luck, huh? WTF is up with that?

    Anyway, I’m sending positive thoughts that next week it’s all gonna turn around and the sun will be shiny and butterflies will fly around and you’ll be smiley.

    And whoever said you’re too negative, whatever. I think you have a right to say whatever you want on YOUR blog and given the circumstances of your life over the last few months, um…well I’d be in a shitty mood, too.

    When your foot is better let’s go for a ride. 🙂

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