Sports: Good and Bad

There was some fight in a women’s basketball game, which just months (months!) after a female soccer player pulled another soccer player’s hair, means that obviously women’s sports are becoming dangerously violent! Oh no! The horror! Aggression in sports is terrible! Especially from women!

Everyone seems just so concerned about “what is going on in women’s sports.”

It seems kind of what is going on is women are playing sports. And they want to win too.

I’ve been in swim starts with guys and they all punch. A lot. Not accidentally either. They punch you on purpose, with no goal of actually swimming, but just because watching someone bleed is fun. And no one seems to care. Just like no one seems to care that much when there’s big fights in guys basketball.

Sure, it kind of sucks when sports become something unpure and dirty, etc, etc. But I don’t think it sucks to admit that women’s sports are no more pure than men’s.

I played soccer for years. And I got the shit kicked out of me regularly. Because that’s how soccer works. I played water polo and other girls regularly tried to drown me and I would kick them back under the water where the ref couldn’t see. Now, triathlon is a fairly non-contact sport, but that doesn’t mean sometimes I don’t wish and wish that girl in front of me would get a flat.

I think this because I’m not some caricature of a feminine athletic ideal. I like winning.

There was this letter in VeloNews about women in sports. Women in sports have few professional options. They just don’t. Because of this, sports offer something different for women than for men. It’s not a way to make it big or become a star (unless you’re a gymnast or ice-skater). You’re not doing it for the money or the prestige, because most people will probably think worse of you for being a girl playing ice hockey. You do it because you like playing and you like winning and you like the experience.

This is from that letter:

What I mean is that there are so few professional opportunities for female athletes, you can rest assured that when they wiggle into Lycra, it’s for the purest of reasons.

2 thoughts on “Sports: Good and Bad

  1. 100% agree, no double standard! Women (and girls for that matter as my daughters play tournament softball, volleyball and basketball) should be able to play, compete and win like men. Not that fights are ok but it happens – shouldn’t matter whether it’s men or women

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