Back on the wagon

Thursday, I did my first real swim workout in 3 weeks. Turns out, even though I could barely float last week, I didn’t lose too much speed. I did my 15 100s (divided into three sets of five) to get a sense of where I was and I’m exactly where I was 3 months ago! (Which, by the way, is averaging 1:20.7.) On one hand, shit, I didn’t get any faster in three months. But, on the other hand, I didn’t get any slower despite taking off like 3 weeks.


Today, I did my first real bike workout all season. I did some threshold intervals and didn’t feel awesome, but good enough. I held my ideal race numbers and only wanted to throw up once.


I was totally optimistic about everything when my ankle stopped hurting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But, then I biked for 1:45 on Wednesday and it started feeling sore. Today, it’s really hurting after riding.


There’s obviously something about how I’m biking that’s putting some stress on my ankle. I did get a bike fit last week (and am currently in a battle with the new bike seat), but am hoping to fine-tune these issues tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m going to try to get ready for my season with short, intense rides and other workouts to take the place of longer volume. We’ll see?

I’m also trying to be optimistic, because the tendonitis pain was along the tendon on the inside of my ankle and into the arch of my foot. But this pain is distinctly different. It’s pinpointed in the top of my ankle, right near that bony knob that sticks out. I’m figuring it’s probably not the same tendonitis problem.


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