My team

Today I swam the fastest I’ve ever swum. First, I swam a 400y in 5:35, but I thought I must have a missed a lap. But, then I swam a 300y in 4:10. Hmmm, maybe I’m swimming faster than usual. Then, I swam a 200y in 2:37!

That is the fastest I have ever swum on my own, not in a race or a Masters or any type of drafting situation. Of course I was so tired, I stared at the clock for a while and couldn’t add after the 200y.

(Ok, ok, I know that’s not that fast for like almost everyone, but still.)

Evidently, not doing shit makes you faster. I’m going to be so fast by May then. Hah.

Oceanside was this past weekend and made me all antsy to be racing. Then, everyone went so fast. And was all thankful for the support they had to go fast.

Then, I got sad. I was like ‘Steve, why don’t I have a team of people working to make me healthy and fast? Where are my people??’

But he said I have people. I have people I ride and run with. I have friends that give me personal training advice. I have Kaiser doctors (ugh). I have PacBikes that does all my bike work. And Steve said he makes me food and tells me to stretch. So. Those are my people.

3 thoughts on “My team

  1. Hey, I’m one of your people! Just cause we’ve not yet met in person you know I’m out there rooting for you 100%. And we shall race together at Barb’s Race – well, you’ll be at the front, and I’ll be at the back but you know what I mean.

  2. Team Dunleavy is completely committed to furthering your excellence. Or at least listening intently to the pre-race prep and post-race commentary. Want an opinion? Call anytime!

  3. Steve is RIGHT! And while I’m not one of your people you see often or talk to a lot, I still totally back you and would totally help you if you ever ever needed it and asked. And I will totally come down for a bike ride soon. When I’m not doing other stupid things like tearing down wallpaper, ripping up carpet, painting, removing hedge bushes, and all the other weekend things new homeowners have to do. 😛

    Maybe we can ride next weekend?

    Anyway, I am SO one of your people and I totally support you, Kelly!

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