Michael Johnson

Last night, we started watching Celebrity Apprentice because Rod Blagoyevich is on (and he doesn’t know how to type!), but then we quickly realized the most awesome person (and the one who doesn’t really seem to need it)  is easily Michael Johnson.

There’s some decent celebrities on the show. Blagoyevich, Bret Michaels (who, for the life of me, I couldn’t say why he was famous, other than for being on celebrity reality shows, but there’s a reason someone would be on those in the first place right?), Sinbad, Cyndi Lauper, Darryl Strawberry. But they were all impressed with Michael Johnson.

At one point, while they were taking pictures, Bill Goldberg (who’s a wrestling champion) was like ‘do you know who that is? It’s a honor just being here.’ And then Darryl Strawberry kind of sacrificed himself in possibly the most boring board room discussion ever, because he didn’t want Michael to go home.

And you’re like THAT’S RIGHT. Having a hit song is not even close the same as acheiving dominance, world records and gold medals in track.

It should also be noted that he was easily the smartest and most pulled together of all the “contestants.”

5 thoughts on “Michael Johnson

  1. And we were at his Olympics in Atlanta! (ok, watching the baseball game in the stadium right next to the track and field stadium – but we could hear his cheers!) I have no doubt he’s dominating that group.

  2. Despite living in IL for 4.5 years, I never realized Blagoyevich was spelled with a “y.”

    Were you actually asking me if I want to ride with you? I still think even with a boot you’re still way faster than me!

    1. my mom almost hit him when we were driving through chicago once.

      yeah, i was saying we should ride. but it actually seems like biking is on the list of things that hurt my ankle right now. i’m not biking longer than an hour. so. ugh.

      1. boo! well let me know once your ankle gets better, we can ride then. though i’m still betting you will kick my ass. 🙂

  3. It’s actually spelled with a “j” Blagojevich. Not that it makes a difference… embarrassing idiot is still easier to spell.

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