Being RIGHT!

Last night, we were at trivia and they asked this question (bonus round, it all comes down to this!): In what event do they present an award for last place called “The Red Latern”?


Um, DUH!

But, the trivia guy tried to say it was the Iditarod, which may also be true. But my answer was totally right, one could even say it was more right.

So I yelled BULLSHIT!

And this other team backed me up, because obviously this is the answer.

Then I started explaining my point to the trivia guy. In detail. Loudly, perhaps. He said if I proved it, then I would get the point. I then Googled on Steve’s wikipedia and read him the entry. Loudly, perhaps. And the whole bar sort of stared at me.

I think many people thought I was drunk and belligerent. But I had nothing to drink.

I know lots of people would cede the point, because they would be embarrassed about making a scene. But I wasn’t kind of right; I wasn’t sort of right if you thought about it a certain way; I was totally right. Why would you give up being totally right merely out of some sense of propriety?

Side note: look what came the other day!! (Haven’t seen that in four months!)

3 thoughts on “Being RIGHT!

  1. I believe when you totally know the answer and it’s related to something your passionate about you should defend your answer (and your person) to the end. Even if you lose friends, family members and anything else in the process. I’m right about 2-3 things each month you know.

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