Apparently it’s Easter

We’re in the midst of our last big rain storm for the year (which my dad thinks is hilarious, mostly because the idea that there is a last big rain is weird but also true).

I’m fine with it raining, because

1. we were in a drought for the last 3 years

2. there’s a lot less of an argument for a desalination plant when the reservoirs are 98% full. And I am NOT convinced a desalination plant in the middle of the bay is a fantastic idea.

3. even though we got a lot of rain, it wasn’t too disruptive this year. It sucked for like two different weeks when it poured straight, but for the most part I didn’t have to ride my bike indoors. I just bought a fancy pair of gloves instead. And the nasty weather didn’t really linger. It rained at night, then it cleared up and was so nice and sunny and 70 all of March. (See, mom, you guys should move here.)

But, today it was raining sideways and it was the first day I was going to try riding in a week. This is what I ended up doing:

That’s two bikes set up in the garage, with the TV piled on top of the VCR on top of a TV dinner tray. We watched 8 Mile (side note: I think I could have been a very good rapper; I have the right personality, if not the right skills) and I did an hour on the trainer, with 4 x 3′ with almost no rest in between each so my heartrate didn’t really have time to recover. It was pretty hard. But mostly it was hard because I hate the trainer and also because I was trying not to twist my left ankle at all.

Then I went to the gym to lift a little and swim, because I wanted to swim every day this week. Of course, I managed to slam a weight lifting bar into the back of my head, but that hurt slightly less than slamming it into the front of my face.

Yesterday, someone mistook me for a fast swimmer. This is happening more frequently. I think I have them all fooled…

I am back into training, though. And I might actually be ready for Alcatraz in a month. I’ve done some hard stuff. I’m swimming every day. And I ran 4.5 miles this week. Which is like 450% more than last week. (That’s actually not really how percentages work, but whatever.)

3 thoughts on “Apparently it’s Easter

  1. Glad you are back to it!! As I’m learning myself with the injury I had, a month is a long time and by the time Alcatraz rolls around you will be ready to race!!

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