Come cheer for me

My new and current theory (which I keep asking Steve every 10 minutes if it makes sense, right? right??) is that I will do ok at Alcatraz.

Hear me out.

Alcatraz is a brutal, fucking run. It’s 8 miles at the end of a long, shitty swim and a hard, hilly bike. It is not a speed-based run. This is no how-fast-can-you-run-a-flat-5K. You have to run straight uphill, then under trees and over rocks, then downhill, then along the sand, then uphill in the sand. It’s a strength-based run. And I am really strong right now. It’s more a test of fitness and strength, than of running speed. And I am strong and fit, but have no running speed.

Therefore, I will do ok.

I hope.

I also told Steve it was going to be rough and ugly. And he said, “Well, yeah, it’s going to be ugly.”

My ankle is totally better (hopefully) and I’m easing back into running. I have four weeks. Which is loads of time. And, also, not enough.

I’m less optimistic about the sprint race I’m set to do in two weeks. That will be fast; I just may not be going fast.

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