I do not enjoy talking to people

Steve and I are now proud members of the Jewish Community Center, which was voted the best Health Club and Swimming Pool in Marin. (It is a very nice pool.)

There should be a caveat, though. It should also have been voted the most talkative membership.

Yesterday, I went to the gym to lift and swim. In the lockerroom, I ran into a woman I know from running, who told me all about her race at Oceanside (where she did quite well). It was slightly awkward, though, because 1. I had to be somewhere in an hour and a half and was in a rush, 2. when people talk to me in the lockerroom, in various states of undress, I’m never sure where exactly to look, and 3. I had just come in a from a run and was bright red and dripping sweat and out of it and I could not remember her name. All this led to me just staring blankly.

Then, I started warming up in the weight room. And one of the guys on staff came over to ask me if I was an athlete. OK, yeah, why, what’s up, I asked. No reason.

I went back to lunging and another (older) guy came over to tell me, “That was a good lunge. I used to do lunges like that; that’s a good one. Did a coach give you that lunge?”

Uh, thanks.

Then, I was in the middle of a squat and the woman from the lockerroom (whose name is Shari, so there, I did know that, I just was tired!) wanted to know if I want to swim. Which is cool, because I like having people to swim with, but I was stuck in the middle of a squat, and not in the attractive part of the squatting motion.

So, we shared numbers.

Then, while I was kettleball swinging and hamstring curling, this other woman started talking about how the weights were too heavy and she already has a busted knee, which was goddamn Mary’s fault in the first place. I don’t think she was talking to me, but I was the only one around. And she got quite upset when I didn’t respond. There was a little bit of hostility at the drinking fountain.

Finally, I got out to the pool and the lifegaurd wanted to tell me about swimming etiquette and am I new here and what does it say on my swim cap?


Steve says I should just be polite and continue what I’m doing, but I don’t know if it’s written anywhere that I have to be polite. If you interrupt someone to talk, then you have to talk on their terms. You, as the interruptee, have no right to civility.

But, I’ll probably just be polite.

I’ve already marked myself as a bright-red-faced, super-blond wierdo, doing crazy stuff, while everyone else enjoys a nice talk on the treadmill.

12 thoughts on “I do not enjoy talking to people

  1. This always seems to happen to me in the pool when people all of a sudden want to chat with me during my 10 second rest interval. REALLY? I mean can’t people see you are doing something? That’s a lose-lose situation. I’ll never understand it…

  2. Their pool isn’t actually overheated? I swear all the JCCs and YMCAs have pools with temperatures of like, 84 degrees.

    I’ve never quite figured how to hold a conversation with the half undressed women either… usually just nod and smile.

    1. they have two pools. warm indoor one for kids and water aerobics. nice outdoor one for swimming. actually the heater broke last week, and it was rather chilly, especially in the rain.

  3. Try working out at the club you WORK at. You think you’ve got it bad? I can’t get through the HALLWAY without somebody stopping me. Although I appreciate that people feel so inclined to want to chat it up, I just kind of wish they’d not recognize me so that I could not have to build in extra ‘chat’ time. I definitely feel your pain. Maybe it’s a ‘club’ thing. Like, places that classify themselves as ‘clubs’ and not ‘gyms’ tend to be more social places. The Bohemian even had a different category in their ‘best of’ a couple of weeks ago where it was ‘best gym’ and ‘best club’.

    One time a woman stopped me in the middle of my swim set. How she recognized me is beyond me b/c I never recognize anybody out of their element.

    As for the talking in the locker room…yeah, unless I know the person well, I generally don’t enjoy chatting it up while naked or on my way to being naked.

    BUT the JCC is a nice place so ENJOY!!!! 😀

  4. People ALWAYS ask me “why don’t you workout here?” at the pool I teach Masters at….why? BECAUSE I would have to get feedback and answer questions instead of swimming. I keep the training and work separate! I do like to talk to people ALOT (duh), but at the right time! 🙂

  5. “Forgive me, but I’m not myself when I’m really cooking the calories. And I really need to . . .”
    Worked for me (with almost all) back in my triathalon days. As long as they weren’t completely ‘dissed’ most people gave way and were generous enough to welcome me when I was ready to engage.

  6. “… bright-red-faced, super-blond wierdo, doing crazy stuff, while everyone else enjoys a nice talk on the treadmill.”

    pretty much sums it up.

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