Cold when it’s 65 out

Yesterday, I was swimming and I could not warm up. I don’t think the heater is still broken, but usually it only takes about 100y before you get warm in the pool. I swam 1000y and was still shivering. I figured I had to be getting sick and got out. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was just laying there stressing out and freaking out and my head hurt and my back hurt and I felt gross. Then I just started burning up and dripping sweat.

I felt terrible today. And I’m not stupid, I know a lot of this illness is in my head. (Not like bipolar disorder, jeez, but I just really need a Spring Break.)

Then I took my temperature to make sure I didn’t have a fever and the thermometer read 95.5. Which is, uh, low.

I want to sleep for the rest of the week.

3 thoughts on “Cold when it’s 65 out

  1. Hey Kelly! Get some rest!!! 🙂 You know the signs of being over tired. And, the pool is always the worst when you are not feeling super. HOPE foot is ok too….?

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