Let’s get this party started

Tomorrow I’m doing my first race. What with the not being able to run for 5 weeks, I didn’t do any of the races I was planning earlier. Also, my longest run, so far, is 5 miles.

Obviously, I’m totally ready. I’m especially ready for Escape from Alcatraz in two weeks. That’s just going to be even more awesome.

I actually really love the Showdown at Sunset. It’s like a 15 minute bike ride from my house. It starts at 4 p.m. It’s low-key, but really good people show up sometimes. Also, it’s a sprint. And I love shit that’s around an hour long.

However, I’m not totally loving the idea of tomorrow.

I haven’t swum open water since October. I haven’t biked in aerobars since sometime around then. I haven’t run faster than a 6:40 pace since probably August – who knows.

I can’t ride my TT bike, because although it did finally come back from Blue, it’s at the bike shop getting all fixed up and built and fancied. So, I figured I’d just stick clip-on aerobars on my road bike. Which is fine, except none of the aerobars I could find had all their screws. So, I pillaged screws to make a complete set and I got the bars on my bike, but they wouldn’t stop sliding around because for some dumbass reason the handlebars on the bike are tapered so it doesn’t fit. So, I stick a wedge of sandpaper in there and call it a job well-done.

Then, I go to test ride and it appears I broke my powertap computer while getting the bars on and now it won’t read anything.

But, I figure I have a few hours tomorrow morning to get the bike to shift into its smallest gear and to try to replace the powertap computer.

So, yeah, there’s something about this first race that doesn’t really make me feel very professional.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started

  1. What would you do with yourself if everything were all set and ready? Bah. It wouldn’t feel like a Kelly Dunleavy Race Day without sandpaper and missing pieces.

    Good luck – have fun!

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