This morning I ran really fast. It was the best part of the day.

Regularly, I run this loop around the lake. And I run it fast every now and then just to see how fast I can. It’s a hard loop, with stairs and hills and tree branches and roots to jump over and one mini-stream to ford. But, I thought that would make it particularly good practice for Alcatraz and it’d be good to do a fast-as-I-can effort at the end of a long run.

The fastest I’ve ever done the loop was 17:40. It’s 2.7 miles, but all that running on rocks and jumping over trees takes some time.

Today, I ran it in 16:04. 16:04!!

That’s straight up 5:58 miles. I didn’t even think I could run ONE sub-six-minute mile right now, much less 2.7. I’ve never, ever been able to run sub-six-minute miles for an extended period of time. I know some people can. I know that every single other pro women at Alcatraz will run sub-six-minute miles for the whole 8 miles. But I’ve always struggled with speed for multiple miles.

I was so excited I called my mom and dad, but they didn’t pick up. So, I bought new shoes instead:

I don’t know what the deal is with being able to run fast now without having run at all. I think it has to do with 1. losing my terrible run form and 2. thinking I can’t, so 3. therefore, just willing myself to run faster.

Pure will is the only real athletic talent I have. Many older people call it ‘being scrappy.’

This is me heading out on the run at the race last weekend.

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