And by the way…

I’ve completely passed the point of healthy in my obsessing about Alcatraz.

Oh no, am I training enough this week? Too much? That brownie sundae is probably going to be the difference between sucking and not. Or that muffin. I bet the other pros don’t eat muffins. That woman coughed, did I touch anything she touched? I should probably just avoid touching anything. Am I sleeping enough? I should probably move my bed; it gets too loud and light in this room. I need to relax. STOP STRESSING! I need to be rested, restful.

Obviously, I’m very emotionally healthy about the whole situation.

Then, again, I don’t think emotional health is really something that comes into play that often in competitive sports.

In other news, we may be buying a condo. OK, thanksbyetalktoyoulaternow.

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