Things Steve has told me this week

So, I’m getting really skinny. I’m not saying that’s good or bad (it’s actually both), but it is a fact. I think it’s predominantly because I put on a lot of muscle.

Today Steve told me I’m “starting to look like I might really be a threat as a fast runner.” Because fast runners look like sticks. So at least I can trick all those other people when they look at me.

Yesterday, I was complaining to Steve that my bike is going to be the least nice bike on the pro bike rack. I have sandpaper holding my bars together. At least, I don’t have Scotch tape on my computer sensor anymore. I told him I felt like I was faking it and he said “You’re going to be faking other thing a lot more than the bike during the race.”

Which is probably true.

Words of wisdom.

4 thoughts on “Things Steve has told me this week

  1. Steve is completely on track with the “advice” – he knows how much you hate fake smiley sunshine butterflies, so he’s going for a different approach.

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