First pro meeting

In case you missed it somehow: tomorrow is my first pro race. Which meant today was my first pro meeting.

Except I missed the whole thing.

There was crazy traffic on the bridge. There was some kind of emergency and police and yellow tape and we were stuck at a standstill for 30 minutes or so. I finally got to the meeting and everyone was milling around. I asked one of the guys if I had missed the whole thing and what were the key points. He said, um, he didn’t really remember.

I was totally the last one there and the staff asked if I had a W-2 tax form on file. Hah, no. And, don’t worry, I won’t need one either.

Then I got back in the car to go home and traffic was stopped the other way.

On the plus side, when I got to the meeting, I just pulled right into the parking lot at transition. A security guard came up and I opened the car door — because the window doesn’t roll down — and then the automatic seatbelt got caught around my head. I was like ‘oh, I’m racing pro. They said I could park here?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, go ahead, make it easier on yourself and pull as close as you can.’ Because us pros really shouldn’t have to walk the 100 meters to the expo.

Ready to go.

2 thoughts on “First pro meeting

  1. Those 100 meters are going to make all the difference tomorrow. I found you through Kathleen’s blog, and I’m delurking to say good luck!! I’m volunteering at the first water stop on the run course, and I’ll be cheering for you.

  2. You had an awesome swim Kelly! I’m tracking you online while I wait for Zinger to be released from kitty jail – um, I mean hospital. Go girl! And Clair rocks too – you two have a similar sense of humor 🙂

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