So, there’s some stuff going on

I remember in college some (stupid) class made us take a “stress survey.” On the survey you were supposed to check off how many of the stressful events had happened to you recently. Near the top of the list was “starting a new job” and “moving/buying a new home.”

Both those things are happening right now.

(Though neither has been stressing me out more than Alcatraz was. I suppose if they thought of it “racing your first professional triathlon race” would also be on the list of stressful events.)

But, yes, there is some news.

1. We’re buying a condo. It’s pretty much official. Here’s a picture:

OK, that’s not really a picture of the condo itself. It’s of the back path. Isn’t it nice?

Look what else the condo has:

All the major hurdles have been cleared. It was inspected. Things were fixed. Our loan was approved. We sign closing papers next week.


2. I’m starting a new job. And it is an awesome job.

Right now, I work for a newspaper. I’m in charge of the Ross Valley Reporter, which covers San Anselmo, Fairfax, Ross, and some other towns.

What I will be doing is running a news website for San Anselmo-Fairfax that launches in July. I’ll be in charge. I get to hire people and decide what goes on the site. I can do lots of different stuff — as opposed to in a paper. I will work from home and get tons of equipment to do it. is launching a bunch of new local news sites across Northern California and hiring people to run them in each town. It’s a whole new model of local journalism.

There’s a pretty good article in the LA Times about it.

Along with being a really awesome opportunity, it basically puts me at the forefront of the changing journalism industry, in one of the most exciting things happening right now.

There’s a lot of changes that are happening in journalism, obviously. [Anyone who says journalism is dying should just go ahead and get out of the way.] There’s a lot of new models being tested to figure out what changes are going to work and what aren’t, how can we make money, how can these different models be successful. Because the fact is people are reading more than ever. Information is valuable, but it’s not necessarily free. The idea that content on the internet has no value and shouldn’t be paid for is going to die, because it is unsustainable. It’s also an outdated remnant of partnership deals that provided content for free at the advent of the internet.

So, anyway, is this model going to work? Maybe. Will it be more successful than the user-generated content models being perpetrated by CNN and MSNBC? Probably, because user-generated shit is generally bad. Either way, it’s going to be really exciting and interesting and, I think, a much more valuable partner and asset in the community than some of the other ideas out there.

Whoa. So that’s a lot of stress.

Thankfully, I’m going on vacation next week to visit Maggie, for her graduation. And this week I’m taking a training-mental break. Then, new job, new house, new everything!

7 thoughts on “So, there’s some stuff going on

  1. Pretty exciting all the way around. Congrats Kelly and please keep in touch!

    Kim Taylor

  2. Lots of great news!! Congrats on the new job AND the new condo! When all the stress of the new stuff calms down life will be good! 🙂

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