Oh right…

Oh right, I went to Chicago for something.

Maggie graduated!!

We went to one graduation and another graduation and lunch and dinner and another dinner and cookies and more cookies. It was a very serious occasion.

My mom especially loves it when we make faces in serious pictures.

On a side note, this is what Maggie told me was a slutty shirt. FYI. She also called pretty much every girl we saw slutty.

Me: Maggie, why are those girls dressed up to go to a bar?

Maggie: Because they’re slutty. (Maggie turns to her roommate, who wasn’t really paying attention.) Joanne, why are those girls all dressed up.

Joanne: Because they’re slutty.

So, there you go.

Steve and I got Maggie this book called “How to do Stuff” and it had illustrated instructions on how to wrestle an alligator (Maggie said she already knew how to do that), pick the appropriate kimono (Maggie said she knows that), tie-dye (Maggie said she actually knows how to make really good tie-dye), and macrame (Maggie said she doesn’t know how to do that yet, but she’d probably be good at it.)

We also practiced posing for ANTM and smiling with our eyes, but Steve didn’t want to learn:

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