Back to the grind?

Tomorrow I start my new job. I have to get up at 6:25 a.m. in order to get there on time, which is like earlier than I’ve woken up in months except for the day of Alcatraz. It’s fortunate it’s light so late after work right now, otherwise I would probably forget how to swim. I do not deal well with stupidly early workouts.

This week was my week off before starting, which was when we were supposed to move into the new condo, but it’s been slightly delayed. Let’s just leave it at that. Now, we should be moving in Tuesday or Wednesday.

This meant I didn’t actually have a ton to do this week. Which was boring probably good, because I ended up spending the week 1. training and 2. trying to understand the infrastructure of a Human Resources division that contracts with another company to do human resources, which contracts with another company to do work verification.

The new job is crazy (like a fox). First, they sent me a giant box that had a police scanner, laptop, digital camera, blackberry, 4G wireless internet thingie, extra battery pack, a whole bunch of other extra things, but unfortunately not a whole lot of directions. (I turned on the blackberry and it said I had contacts installed on my SIM card, would I like to import them? Um, ok?) Then, they welcomed me to the family. Then, they welcomed me to the family some more. More calls. More paperwork. Then, a FedEx package showed up Friday morning with the policies and procedures manual, a digital security ID and a whole lot of ID numbers and passwords.

Tomorrow, my schedule is orientation, fill out paperwork, facilities tour, more orientation.

It actually should be kind of interesting and I’m pretty ready to get to work. I just wouldn’t mind if we got to work after a little more sleeping.

On another note, the amount of training I do without having anything else to do it turns out is about half of what it should/could be. Damn.

OH. AND. I’ve been so swamped and my brain is aching that I totally forgot my birthday is in two weeks! From today! Mark your calendars. I would like some Nike Free’s, a new pair of jeans, cute flats that don’t hurt, a bike fit and a massage.

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