A short race report

Here is a short race report: it is hard to run and throw up at the same time.

I did the Marin Memorial Day 10K this morning. Or rather, I did a 5K and everyone else ran a 10K.

I felt kind of nauseous this morning, just in that I kept hiccuping and burping and then feeling that it was all going to keep coming up. But whatever, that’s not totally abnormal for before a race.

I warmed up. Was ready to go. And still kept burping.

I started out in the middle of the big, big pack and passed people the whole first mile. I felt like I was moving well and knew I was right on pace, but it never felt good. I thought ‘ugh, god, maybe I hit the first mile already and it wasn’t marked. this feels awful’ and then I looked down at my watch. 4:45. Nope, not the first mile, even if I was feeling good.

I was running ok — pretty well — but I fell slightly off pace in the second mile — ‘shit, already??’ I was feeling sicker and sicker to my stomach and kept burping.

Even though I felt like I was running faster in the third mile, I was still a little off pace. I started getting passed by people (agh!) and could feel I was slowing down because when I slowed a little I felt less nauseous. I pretty much constantly felt like I was about to throw up.

‘You can’t quit just because you feel like you’re about to throw up,’ I thought. I mean how lame is that. I figured it was all in my head. I told myself to stop slowing down just because it hurt less then.

So, I tried to go with the next two guys that passed me and I tried to pick it up.

Then, I started actually throwing up.

The walk back was slow and ugly too, because I kept stopping and dry-heaving. Then, I came home and fell asleep for 3 hours.

No, no idea what that was about. I don’t think I am super well.

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