Someone got to my blog by googling “falling asleep in tights”

I wanted to tell you all these stories about how ridiculous my week has been, but it turns out when ridiculous stuff keeps adding up it’s not so funny anymore.

Things have been so busy that last night I realized we haven’t even plugged our TV in since we moved in. Do you have any idea how busy I would have to be to not miss TV??

This is more or less how things have gone:

Monday I needed to post an ad on Craigslist. We have a business account for work, but the password was changed and I couldn’t log in. So, my director said to just create my own account.

I went through the whole process of creating an account and writing the ad and then Craigslist wanted me to attach a phone number to the account, so I put in my new number. But, evidently, the new number is already attached to a different account. And my old number was already to attached to my own personal account.

So, I figured I’d use my personal account. I logged in (which took some figuring out of the password) and wrote the whole ad again and then went through the process of paying. And to pay I needed to check my billing address, because my bank finally figured out my mail was getting forwarded after three months and changed my address on me. But logging into my bank’s website required me to verify my computer, because it didn’t recognize my computer, which was a whole other set of remembering passwords.

But, finally I finished. Then, Craigslist asked me to change my password.

Why? Why??

And once I change my password, the whole ad disappeared even though I had already paid?!

So, I did it all over again.

Except every single thing this week has been like that. There’s another story that starts with us trying to move the dresser into the bedroom so I don’t have to keep my clothes in black plastic bags in the middle of the living room and ends with the bathtub faucet coming off in my hand.

Obviously, I’m racing this weekend, because what could possibly go wrong.

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