I don’t think I’ve ever written about a product I liked before

This a really brief thing I wanted to write last week before I went on my sabbatical.

It is, briefly, this:

I love these shoes.

I’m not sponsored by Nike (though that would be awesome), I have no interest in Nike, I don’t know anyone at Nike, etc, etc, but oh man I loved these shoes.

Steve got them for me for my quarter-century, after I told him I tried them on and I’m a 7.5 and I liked the purple.

The idea is that they mimic barefoot running. I know the whole barefoot running craze is, well, a craze. And I get the idea. It totally makes sense that some barefoot running would force you to be more efficient and economical than you are with shoes. And that shoes have cushioned and weakened your feet, so some barefoot running will strengthen them and help prevent injury.


But. I did some barefoot running around the track after a workout and hurt myself. Which isn’t good. It’s too rough on your feet, which have been cushioned and weakened, and you can’t just jump right in.

These shoes, though, felt awesome.

I felt light and gazelle-like and fast and like I wasn’t even wearing shoes (which is the point I suppose). I’m sure I didn’t look gazelle-like, because whenever I feel like I’m look amazing running then I see a picture and somehow I managed to look shorter and squat, but I felt good.

I’ve only worn them on one run, because 1. I’ve only run twice in the last 10 days and 2. I’m on sabbatical and 3. I do think you need to build into wearing them for long runs or hilly runs, because they do have less cushioning and support and your body isn’t used to that. So don’t be a dumbass.

Still, highly recommended.

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