Should I buy a Vespa?

So, today, I briefly thought I had appendicitis, only not briefly enough for my personal comfort.

But, more importantly, I think I want a Vespa. There’s this hill right by my house and you can bike over the hill but you can’t drive over it. So, you can either drive all the way around, ugh, or bike up the super steep section where your bike starts creaking and yelling (and that’s my road bike, not even my less nice commuter bike).

Clearly, a moped will solve this problem. Technically, you may not be able to take a moped on a bike path, but the bikers would have to catch me and the police won’t be able to drive through the hill, so.

Everytime I have to drive around I get increasingly annoyed, but I don’t get increasingly more money. Which means I’m hoping to save up a little and buy a used one.

These are currently the options: (No, I have not done detailed research. They all kind of are similar, but aren’t they CUTE!)

Oh yeah, I don’t have appendicitis. I think. I was doubled over in pain that started shooting up my left side (your appendix is on your right, evidently) and it just got worse and worse for 3 or 4 hours until I was in tears and couldn’t stand up straight. I called the advice nurse on my new insurance. After asking me my address and birthday and astrological sign, she asked what my game plan was for pain that had been there for 3 or 4 hours? Uh, that it’ll go away. Duh.

I mean, seriously, doctors, most things go away. There are studies that demonstrate that if you’re not actually dying or in need or some kind of emergency surgery/intervention, going to the hospital increases your risk of death. Because if you’re not dying, it’ll probably get better. Duh.

It pretty much went away after I laid on the couch. So.

2 thoughts on “Should I buy a Vespa?

  1. I’d love to get a scooter for all of those short trips like to the pool or to the grocery store. But more importantly – think about motor pacing! Get Steve on board with that. He’ll uncross his arms I bet.

  2. 10 years ago, Marty was having super bad stomach pains and he insisted it was appendicitis and needed to go to the ER. Of course it’s like midnight and there were all sorts of crazy sick people there. Turns out he had bad gas. I could’ve killed him.

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