State Champion

About a month ago, I saw this mile run listed on a race calendar for July 4. It said the race was the RRCA California State Mile Championships. Which sounded like fun.

I figured why not.

I just wanted to break 5:30. I know that there’s a lot of other big July 4th running races around here that people like to do, so it probably wouldn’t be as competitive as a state championship should be in theory, but I still thought there would be some fast people.

Nope. For some reason, there wasn’t. I won by a minute.

Which makes me a state champion I guess.

I also decided to finish the rest of the season, start training again, and not quit triathlon, by the way. I’ve sort of just been dicking around and hoping eventually I’d be re-motivated, but I can go a really, really long time without doing anything besides reading books and watching TV. If I kept waiting, I was going to read the whole Twilight series (oops, done), eat my weight in cookies (definitely done), and generally become a bum before anything changed.

So, new plan: fake it til you make it.

Training starts, uh…tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “State Champion

  1. Hey, I missed you by 40 minutes! I biked by the finish line at 41:xx and wondered what race it was. Noticed the name Freedom Road on the race bibs.

    CONGRATS State Champion! And I’m happy you’re back on the tri-wagon!

  2. CHAMPION!!! that is excellent.
    (btw – you never said what your time was?)

    I’m a fan of fake it ’til you make it. Bedrock of my parenting technique.

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