Races and writing and things

This morning I did my second “race” in three days. Then, I spent the last 6 hours working on stories for the launch of my site (which happens this Friday).

My brain is now fried. I was trying to come up with the phrase “…but after extensive opposition…” but I couldn’t think of the word “opposition,” to the point that I went and made food and came back and still had “…but after extensive concerns…” Hmm, can you extensively concern?

This is, of course, on top of my parents visiting this past week, me trying to write and report a ton, trying to get other people to write (yo, deadline means due on THAT day), and training — sorta.

I did finally get pictures of the lakes where I love running, since we went for a nice walk and I actually carried a camera. Crazy.

Not bad, huh?

And this was before my dad fell down a hill:

We also went to the Academy of Science on Thursday night for Nightlife, which is like ‘Hey, drinks and a DJ, now the museum is a coool place to be!’

The butterflies and birds were going nuts too, because it was night or something. This giant butterfly (the kind with the owl eye on the wing) started swooping and I had to resist not ducking. Like, holy shit, that thing could kill us!

This was not that butterfly:

Oh, and the “races”?

I showed up to a Tamalpa race on Friday without any idea how long it was. Figured they’re all kind of the same distance. I planned to make it part of a long run/tempo workout, so 6.5 miles, then 3.75 mile (-or something) race, then long cooldown. I didn’t win. SIGH. But, it was a good effort and I felt good. Except, of course, for the part where I thought ‘oh my god, I suck, this is really fucking painful, everyone’s passing me, I should just quit, I’m so slow.’


Then, this morning, I did the Tiburon Triathlon. It’s the kind of race where if you want to be in the first wave you have to give them a reason. I think I wrote, “Because I’m fast” when I did the race two years ago.

The race was weird. I never saw anyone else until this guy passed me running 5:30 miles in the middle of the run.

I swam pretty much the same as when I did it two years ago, even though two years ago I stopped and took my goggles off and put them back on, and this time I actually tried to swim hard. But since they say that they don’t measure the course and it’s not accurate, I don’t think I can care too much.

I biked almost the exact same too, even though two years ago I thought I was awesome and this year I thought I was sucking. So. It took me a good five minutes of “OHMYGODTHISISPAINFUL, how am I ever going to be able to keep up this pace, this is stupidly hurtful” then I sort of settled in. Who knows. It’s pretty much a result of not racing at all this year, so I don’t know my pace. Though, it turns out my pace exactly matches the cadence of “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid, which I sang in my head the whole time.

The one thing I did a lot faster is run. I ran a 12:03 sorta two-mile at the end of the race and I felt good. My one memory of this race from two years ago is Steve telling me to keep it up and me NOT feeling good and running quite a bit slower.

I went a minute faster overall than before and only 6 guys beat me. I also out-kicked (hard) a 14-year-old boy because I thought he was a girl about to beat me. Then, I almost threw up.

No idea if I’m in shape for a half-Ironman or not — especially given the longest I’ve ridden my TT bike is 45 minutes. Guess we’ll see.

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