I am sick of talking to people

Today, I volunteered at the library. I was shelving materials — which I thought was pretty self-explanatory. Evidently, it’s not.

There was a lot of, “Now, do you know how the Dewey decimal system works?”

I was so not sure if that was a trick question; like was he going to follow up with ‘so, what number is Shakespeare? how about cooking books?’ Apparently, it wasn’t a trick question. The answer really was: the numbers go in order.

There was also a lot of, “Now, can you put these in alphabetical order? Great! And I’ll just come by to check on it. Great. And then after I check, you can go shelf them!”

Apparently, people really do struggle with the order of the alphabet and numbers.

There’s been a lot of awesome conversations lately. Lots and lots. There’s really just been way too much talking to people, period. And, that is why I need the TV.

3 thoughts on “I am sick of talking to people

    1. Work. It was part of a national volunteer in the community day. And I ACTUALLY like the library, spend quite a bit of time there, and understand how it works. But, I couldn’t say “I’m not a moron, you know,” so I just kind of stared a lot and now they think I hate the library.

      Also, the guy asked ‘so, you’re doing like a newsletter.’ sigh.

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