One thought

I’m sick — I blame all the shaking hands and kissing babies. According to my training log, the last time I took a day off because I was sick was in January. Not that in between everything’s been awesome.

On the plus side, this cold is probably the smallest problem I’ve had in the last few months. Still, my head feels like it’s going to implode and I think I’ll probably go lay back down. I was trying to lay down and read a book, but I couldn’t even follow the words.

You can also blame that for why I’m not particularly funny right now.

Here’s is something I would like to share, instead:

At no point in human history was Australia ever not an island. This means that in order for people to get there, they’d have had to travel across water. No problem. Except that the historical record suggests people were in Australia long before there were any sort of developed boating skills beyond basic, shallow fishing. The Aborigines would have had to travel 60 miles by boat from the nearest land, without any knowledge that Australia was there to land on. Which means that, ok, someone happened upon Australia accidentally, a small canoe gone astray. Except that, in order to populate Australia it would require 25 people to initially land there (according to experts in this kind of thing). A small canoe or fishing boat that accidentally landed on Australia would have had, what, one or two fisherman. So, they would have had to go back, get more people and re-navigate to Australia. Something that, evidently, would have basically been impossible given the lack of navigational boating skills recorded that many thousands of years ago.

It’s basically a mystery.

That’s the extent of my coherent, highly rational thought for the day.

4 thoughts on “One thought

  1. I thought at one point all the continents were joined together in a big mass. Then at some point they drifted away from eachother. I would have thought whatever people happened to be on the Australia land mass at the time were the aborigines.

    1. yeah, no, the continents drifted apart long before any humans existed — at least australia was an island before humans existed. AND, AND, humans couldn’t have evolved independently on the island because Australia has no primate-based organisms or something. so they had to have gotten there in some way. crazy.

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