Three things from today

These are some complaints I heard from high school kids at cross-country practice today:

‘The highway makes my ears hurt.’

‘I can’t even swallow.’

‘I think I’m nauseous.’

‘I, literally, can’t pick up my legs.’

This was all because it was 85 degrees today. God. I don’t even know what they would do if I was actually mean or ever asked them to do anything that was actually hard.

While I was walking into a coffee shop this afternoon, a guy started yelling at me, “AM I CRAZY OR IS IT YOU?” I was like, well, it is me, but I’m going with the crazy thing.

I also got a rather obtuse email today, from which I finally gathered that the word “bussing,” as used in an article on my site, does not mean ‘to take a bus,’ but is actually a common (17th century) word for kissing. Clearly, that is what I meant.

5 thoughts on “Three things from today

  1. Tell them that my middle schoolers run in 100degree temps without complaint and they run hard and some of them puke. The only complaint I ever get is they want to run more. Wussy marin kids.

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