I live here because it DOESN’T get to be 107 degrees

OK, this is going to be short while I’m lunching, because my site (see, Loren, I linked to it) requires constant attention and work. Fun.

Tuesday we had a record high heat wave here. If I had known it was going to reach 107 degrees I would have actually gotten out of bed at 6:55am and gone for my run instead of laying there for another hour and a half.

Instead, I had a lot of work to do after I did get up and things came up and I almost lost it driving home in the car where the air-conditioning doesn’t work very well. It just kept blowing hot air in my face and the driver’s window doesn’t roll down and my jeans felt so, so heavy and hot and OHMYGOD I just need to get these pants off. I almost took them off at a light because I was so hot, but I didn’t. Oh well.

Finally, I got home, laid on the couch in the cool 80 degree house and tried to motivate myself to go for a run at 1:45 in the afternoon.

In the shade or when there was a small breeze, the run really wasn’t so bad. But, when it died down and the sun was beating, I could feel the heat rolling up and beating me in the face and the air started to get shimmery.

I had originally planned on doing some miles at the track at my half-marathon pace. I’m smart enough to realize that six of them was not really going to happen. But, evidently, I’m not smart enough to realize that none of it was going to happen.

So, I actually ran down to the track. It’s just under two miles from my house. And, after a few minutes standing in the shade to regroup, I actually ran one tempo mile. And I actually ran it in 6:52. And, then I stood in the shade and poured another whole water bottle over my head and drank another whole water bottle. And, then, I revised the goal of ‘run TWO miles’ to ‘ok, run ONE mile and TWO 800s’. And, I actually started the first 800.

But, I made it about 300m and the heat was rolling up off the track and the breeze dies down on the back stretch and it felt like the heat was melting me into the track.

It was nasty.

On my stumble back the two miles home, I stopped at this water playground cooling station for kids and just stood in one of those water play things while the kids ran around the crazy, bright-red lady and the parents worried they might have to save me from drowning in the one tablespoon of water.

2 thoughts on “I live here because it DOESN’T get to be 107 degrees

  1. ok, I swear your new site has the best police blotter ever – I enjoy the touch you’ve put on it;

    Harassing Phone Calls: A woman on Meernaa Avenue was receiving harassing phone calls regarding a lawsuit that she knows nothing about.

    excellent work. I’m a reader so long as you keep writing these and I don’t even live there. I’ll click on stuff too.

  2. I’m with Loren on the police blotter. This stuff practically writes itself! (not really, I know. but still…)

    my favorites:

    “Juveniles causing problems”

    “Teen shot in butt with pellet gun”

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