Here’s my entire last week.

It turns out if you work super hard so you can take off a long weekend and then invite a bunch of people to stay with you and go to someone else’s race and host a housewarming, it ends up not being a particularly restful weekend.

This week has been way more mellow. Last week, I had like actually interesting, newsworthy stories to write. This week, everyone’s still mellowed out from all the turkey they ate or something. So, it’s been a lot of arts and features and sports. And as much as people like those stories, they don’t really send you angry emails about them.


Not so much.

So, less eventful week.

This is what last week entailed. And no there are no pictures; I’m not really the picture-taking type *shock*.


I wrote a whole bunch of stories about the medical marijuana moratorium, the considered smoking ban, wrote a bunch in advance for the weekend. Then, went to Justin’s going away dinner. Really, I was supposed to go over so he could help me build a motorized bike, but as of 2 p.m. that afternoon I didn’t have the motor yet. Or the bike. OBVS U R A RITARD.

Picked Maggie up after dinner from the airport at 10:30. It was supposed to be at like 9:50, but I have never picked anyone up from the airport before.

Let me say: first and last, people. You had your chance.

Turns out no one uses the cell phone lot, because the whole airport is a parking lot. For all the fancy technological shit at the airport, the official pick-up system is stop and stall while someone throws their stuff in the trunk and hold up all the people behind you, who in turn stop and stall while someone throws their stuff in the trunk. I feel like there could be a better system. Like automated car treadmills on multiple levels. I bet that’s what they have in Japan.


Got up to swim and run. Noteworthy, because it was the only workout of the weekend.

Worked some more.

Then, Maggie and I went to the Marine Mammal Center. Aww, look at the baby sea lions. Aww, look at them jump to be fed. Aww, they were abused by human contact and can’t fend for themselves. So cute!

Then, I got called and yelled at, which totally counts as work and also included the phrase, “I’m a famous person, stuff about me goes all over the internet.”

Wrote an awesome story about how PG&E accidentally installed a Smart Meter at this guy’s house, even though they said they were going to stop installation in town — it was a mistake.

Drove two hours to Marysville and went to bed at like 11:30, after reading the new comments telling me I AM A STUPID LIAR.


Up at 5:45 a.m. to drive the one more hour to Steve’s race. Maggie and I then sat through five hours of Steve biking through the middle of nowhere. Just set up a few lawn chairs in the dirt on the side of a country road in the middle of a bunch of farms and forests and you can call it a “feed zone” at a Velo Promo race. There’s a reason race entry fees are so much lower than at triathlons.

Stopped at Subway and Dairy Queen on the three home drive home. I wanted to go to McDonald’s too, but I was vetoed.

Steve took a nap and Maggie and I went to The Joe to buy food for the housewarming. Actually, we went to the Joe AND to United. I bought 55 Select — which NO ONE knew anything about. It’s like they’ve never watched a TV commercial.

Natalie and her boyfriend, Bosch, were supposed to get in around 10 or 11, but a fire on the highway meant they didn’t get in until 1:30 in the morning. Steve and Maggie went to sleep; but I did more work until I went to sleep too.

Fortunately, no one broke into our place that I left unlocked for Natalie.


We all got up at 8:20 a.m. to drive the hour out to Bolinas to go surfing.

I know how cold and shitty the water can be here, so I thought surfing would suck. But it was actually a really nice day and the waves were small and easy for beginners, so it was mostly fun. Not that I’m particularly good, even if I wasn’t tired. But, after a little over an hour I was just too cold and got out. I thought I’d get back in, but then all my extremities turned white, so it seemed like a bad idea.

On the drive back, the cars were lined up the other direction heading into Stinson and Bolinas all the way up the mountain.

After the slowest lunch ever at the Counter, we got to our housewarming 5 minutes before people were supposed to come, which meant we all rotated through showering for the first hour. [Once before, when Caitlyn and Vivek and I had a party, none of us were home when it officially started. I wonder why no one actually takes start times seriously — obviously because no one wants to be the first person, but the only way to stop that is to already have pre-placed guests so no one is the first one. I bet that’s what they do in Japan.]

By 8:30, I think we were all about to crash. I wanted to fall asleep sitting still and I lost track of coming up with things to say in response.

Somehow, we still didn’t go to bed until like 11:30. And I had to finish up a little more work before I could fall asleep.


A little more work in the morning while everyone got dressed and we decided what to do.

The votes on what to do were: hike Mt. Tam, do nothing, go to the beach, or anything that didn’t involve driving.

We ended up in Tiburon, made Maggie walk up a ridge on Ring Mountain, then ate ice cream — if you ask real nicely they’ll make you a brownie sundae anywhere, then wine tasting, then ‘oh shit, Maggie’s bus leaves in like 10 minutes.’


Natalie and Bosch headed out to drive all the way home down Highway 1. And I headed back to work.

I had to go into the city, but the ferry schedule was all messed up. It was either on a modified schedule until Sept. 3 or 8, depending on what page of the website you visited. The ferry was supposed to come at 12:50, but when I got there the sign at the front said 12:40. Guess it’s good I got there early.

Then, I waited and waited. And it didn’t come.

So, I asked the guard when the ferry was supposed to come.

And he asked when I needed to get there, but I’m pretty sure my preference doesn’t change the ferry schedule.

“Does that change when it comes?”

“Where you going? When you need to get there?”

“It doesn’t matter. Does it come at 12:40 or 12:50?”

“Do you see it here?”

“So, it’s on a modified schedule?”

“When you need to get there?”

This went on for awhile.

And, now I’m racing this weekend again. Apparently. It keeps sneaking up on me and I don’t think I’m any more fit this weekend than I was two weeks ago. Making judgement calls on my season on a week by week basis. Which is obviously as much fun as I’ve been having lately. If people sent me angry emails about my season, they would read like this:


4 thoughts on “Here’s my entire last week.

  1. 55 Select is the worst beer I’ve ever had. I had at least 6 of them in a row and went for a run afterwards. That crap that Armstrong pitches, tried that too. All it does is get you Ultra hydrated and angry.

  2. Hilarious, Kelly!

    We have a love/hate relationship with commenters on our website too. Love having people comment, but what they say? Not so much.

    By the way, it was nice to finally meet you when I ran into you at the Paradise.

    Pam Gould

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