It’s NOT January already?

I’m losing my mind. The other day someone asked me if I wanted to help with the Valentine’s Day races and I was like yeah, ok, I guess it’s January already. Then, I was watching TV and during the commercials Steve asked if there was anything better on and I was like probably not, maybe, I don’t know, I can’t remember what we’re watching during the commercials.

So, that doesn’t really bode well.

And I’m still operating on a week-to-week decision making plan. As in, today was ok, maybe I’ll do something again tomorrow.

I went for a run yesterday and I felt terrible, exhausted, thirsty, wanted to take a nap. I didn’t think I would make it all out, much less back, even after I cut it down to 10 miles instead of 12. Then, on the way back, I came to a fork and I couldn’t figure out if it was left or right. I went right and after 100-200m I realized it was the wrong way, but I also realized it was a short-cut right back to my car. I could just take it — no one cares. I was so struggling and just wanted some water. BUT. I turned around and went back to the fork and ran the two miles back instead.

Small victories.

Currently, I’m signed up for Santa Cruz this weekend (no idea how that’s going to go) and then Tinley’s (even less idea what’s going to happen there). Then, I might be done. Do some running races, recuperate. Or decide to do the half in Vegas afterall. Who knows.

2 thoughts on “It’s NOT January already?

  1. hey sounds like me. and i would totally forget to link my blog too…if i linked them.

    worst habit lately is i’ll tell someone a link looks cool and then immediately forget to copy the link into the IM box.

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