At home on a Friday night

I am NOT writing any articles right this second.

Noticed that, did you?

I have five or six articles researched, done, ready to write. But, I’m tired. All that copying police logs, answering emails, planning community events, and making to-do lists that you never get to the bottom of takes up energy.

The other day, Steve told me to call the bike shop and I was like shit, Steve, it’s on my to-do list, so I’ll probably get to it in like three weeks.

But, since I’m not racing and I’m not really “training” — I mean, it’s hard to call it training when you’re like oh god, I guess swim practice started 10 minutes ago, maybe I should put down my bowl of cookie dough and make the 15 minute drive over there — I have had free time. Which means I’ve seen pretty much every movie out right now.

Short recommendations:

Waiting for Superman is good if you like depressing documentaries.

The Town is good, in a smart action movie kind of way.

Social Network is also good, but in more of a what if we all talked like funny encyclopedias way.

(Side note, side note! Commercial just came on: did Eliot Spitzer get a TV host job? Why the FUCK don’t I have a TV show, yet??)

So, back to the Social Network. Obviously, it was well-written and sort of, loosely (LOOSE, not LOSE, people, stop mixing them up in emails!) inspired by reality. But more importantly, all that talk about how it was going to make Mark Zuckerberg look so terrible? Not so much. I mean, sure, he was a nerdy asshole, who thought he was smarter than everyone. But, have you never taken an Honors Physics or Math class? Pretty much everyone in there is like that. Duh. He just wrote the right code that got him enough fame/money to buy some drugs and party. Everyone else would have if they could have.

That sounds more cynical than my thoughts really were.

Basically, I didn’t hate him. Even if I believed every single thing in the movie was totally, completely true, I didn’t hate Mark Zuckerberg. I hated Justin Timberlake, sure, and I felt bad for Zuckerberg’s best friend. But, I didn’t hate Mark Zuckerberg, not really at all. I’m pretty sure I knew a dozen guys just like him in college.

I was going to watch another movie tonight, but sometimes movies sound like an awful lot of commitment and work (this coming from someone who won’t eat anything that can’t be taken out of the fridge and put directly in my mouth, because otherwise it sounds like too much work). So, instead, I’ve been watching classic triathlon mixed with episodes of Entourage to get my pre-Kona race-watching on. Classic triathlon, even when I know how it turns out, makes me teary.

Which is probably a sign it’s not quite time for me to put down the cookie dough and get ready to train again yet. Still on break.

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