Off Season

Last night, Steve and I ordered this:

I’ve always been curious about the pizookie party platter. It’s supposed to serve a party of five and is like 4500 calories or something. We got it half chocolate-chip, quarter white macadamia nut, and quarter oreo.

Steve wants it to be known that he ate his half and that I am a quitter, because I ate less than my half.

And, then I was pizookie-drunk from all the calories and also from the peanut M&Ms and peach cocktail I had for dinner. Actually this is what I had to eat yesterday: a yogurt, some grapes, a quesadilla and guacamole, humus and chips, a z-bar, cocktail, M&Ms and then the pizookie.

Steve also suggested that I might be tired all the time because of my awesome diet, but I told him that is stupid.


3 thoughts on “Off Season

  1. That cookie thing is the definition of “off-season”… tired from your awesome food intake? I’m amazed you aren’t sick.

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