My motorized bike is almost done

Steve left on a 10-day trip this morning. I have pretty much all my stories done for the weekend and am mostly caught up (at least for now) and I’m not training — AND I don’t want to talk about it, jesus — which means that basically I have nothing to do.


Yesterday, I drove all over getting oil and gas and making multiple trips to the motorcycle shop while trying to look like I belong in a motorcycle shop [for your reference, the first rule should probably be don’t BlackBerry while there]. All because my motorized bike is almost done. Yay!

I was trying to build it myself, but then I kept making trips to Trips for Kids, so the guy said I could just leave it and he would build it up for me. Yay! It actually ran yesterday, but it’s apparently more complicated than I thought it was.

Jeff (the guy) was all ‘it’s like driving a motorcycle.’ And I was like yeah, no, you’re gonna have to be a little more specific. And he was like you just grab the clutch and build up speed and then throttle the gas and then I sort of lost track. And he was like, ‘it’s just like one of those old mopeds.’ Yeah, nope.

In all fairness, I may not be as stupid as he thinks I am — he did make me go buy a mixer cup that has the different mixing ratios written on it so I won’t get confused. And I was like I do know how to do basic math, actually. But, whatever.

Because, apparently, the oil and gas have to be mixed in an exact right ratio, which he’s pretty sure is 20:1 but the instructions sort of got lost, because if it’s not exactly right then the engine will blow up.

So, obviously, this should be easy and not at all prone to disaster.

Then, Steve and I caught the bus to karaoke last night. Karaoked. Got a microwaved burrito from the liquor store. Caught the bus home.

After dropping Steve off this morning, I hung out at Biketoberfest all day. (Someone asked what Biketoberfest is. It’s kind of self-explanatory.) I hung around and drank some more beer and felt sleepy and then I said, “Patch is an online community news site…” like 50 times in a row, because I was working our Patch booth.

When it was time to clean up the booth, I started trying to do it myself, but these guys were all ‘do you need help, let me pick that up for you.’ Sure, ok. I did need help taking the tent down, but then I wanted to get a move on it, so I just picked up the whole thing by myself.

I don’t know what the deal is with all the voluntary help lately. I probably just got hotter. That makes sense.

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