Motorized Bike

I got my motorized bike and I made it home without dying (so there, Mom):

It’s more of a moped than a bike, but I’m not totally clear on the rules now. It is a bike that has a $130 motor stuck on it, so do I have to follow bike rules or car rules? (Which — whatever people keep saying — ARE different.) I was riding home, in the bike lane, because I was still going significantly slower than cars, but I’m not sure that’s allowed? I don’t know. And, honestly, I don’t think the law knows either.

2 thoughts on “Motorized Bike

  1. You know I’m glad you posted a picture because I was having a really hard time envisioning what a “motorized bike” was. Um duh…obviously it’s a bike with a motor on it! 🙂 Have fun riding it! That is, once you figure out WHERE to ride it. 🙂

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